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Joe (Thinking Sideway) – Sort of a History Podcast

Written by on 30 October 2018

In an effort to collect them all, Emily managed to convince unsolved mystery and ghost ship expert Joe of Thinking Sideways fame to come discuss some things. This episode ended up being a lot more educational than anyone expected and you might learn a thing about boats Australia’s most haunted house!

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Randall Lawrence – The James Wan Cinematic Universe

Written by on 24 September 2018

Randall is back! Since we couldn’t fit in all of our horror movie discussion last time he was here, you get a whole episode of stories that ended up being turned into movies. We got Connecticut, Amityville, and everyone’s favorite little miss demonic possession, Annabelle. It’s a spoiler-filled, sh!t talkin extravaganza that can’t be missed!

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April & Damon Gallaty – Star Wars Episode IX: A New Horse

Written by on 27 August 2018

April is back and this time she brought Damon! In order to avoid having to do too much extra work during her move, Emily got ahold of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and is treating everyone to a few dramatic readings. Bible reading, spooky elevators, bloody fingers, and excellent acting from the esteemed […]

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Kelly Richardson – A Real B-Hole Situation

Written by on 30 July 2018

Bug-a-Boo’s Kelly Richardson stops by for an episode filled with ridiculous twists and turns. Emily shares stories centering around her greatest fears, Kelly explains how she came to live in an abandoned hospital in Korea, and a mysterious window-tapper shows up (It’s Ryan from Afternoonified. I know we never explained that). Buckle in, kids, there’s […]

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The ahaHooB – Standard Ghost Nonsense

Written by on 26 June 2018

Emily traveled to Minnesota to be a guest on her own show! Minneapolis/Saint Paul resident, Casie, has stories about dead nuns and 100% legit wizards as well as a hell of a tour planned. Come find out what local spooky flavor the midwest has been hiding as well as join the ladies on a ghost […]

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Randall Lawrence – Stuck the Hillary

Written by on 28 May 2018

It’s Creepypasta month and Emily isn’t holding back with her favorite (and a few of your favorite) stories from the depths of the internet! With guest Randy, she explores a ritual that answers life’s biggest questions, learns about a man you definitely don’t want to run into at night, and maybe even finds out who […]

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Avalon Leonetti – Chimney Cousin

Written by on 23 April 2018

Death’s farmhand, Avalon Leonetti, stops by to discuss why you can’t shoot a ghost, how to make artisanal gravel, and why you shouldn’t buy produce from an island man who collects dolls. A listener email details a ghostly visit from some relatives and Avalon conveniently remembers that his family owns a haunted house.

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Shane Hosea – A Constant State of Pennsylvania

Written by on 27 March 2018

With expert hustler to offer commentary, Shane Hosea, Emily dives way too deep into the world of mediocrely written ghost stories! There’s ghost ships, creepy paintings, emails from beyond the grave, and a lot more poetry reading than you’d expect or want.

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Carolyn Main – 33 Cock Lane

Written by on 27 February 2018

Emily breaks out her weirdest-in-a-dirty-way stories for a very special guest, Carolyn Main! We’ve got backward boobs, fetus B&Es, a murder-mystery, and a listener email about a little boy who couldn’t give up his toys. Hope you’re ready to get a little icky…

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Devin (Thinking Sideways) – Shmultz On His Peephole

Written by on 29 January 2018

Devin, cohost of Emily’s favorite unsolved mysteries podcast, Thinking Sideways, stops in to discuss and destroy an internet ghost story. There are tiny leather shoes, a listener’s possessed doll, and a haunted little boy with the hair of a president and the head of a hackysack… this month on BooHaha!

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