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Bless Your Heart / Page 2

0023 – The Toto Episode

Written by on 25 June 2018

Since Christopher so desperately needs friends, he can’t help but shout out to everyone so that they’ll know he’s out there. That being said, we are going to ride his coat tails and get attention for us…I mean, since we’re here…

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0022 – Public Pooping

Written by on 16 June 2018

Kara joins us once again. She made the mistake of offering to be our poop correspondent, and now we call her incessantly every time a poop story shows up in the news. LOCAL CELEBRITY COMEDIAN MENTION: Adam Pasi

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0021 – The Vault Dweller

Written by on 11 June 2018

We interview a mysterious stranger who calls himself the Vault Dweller. Where did he come from? Why does he speak so strangely? What is his goal? And where did he get such strange clothes? Perhaps we will hear more from him in the future…

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